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Self-help resources for online defamation victims, provided by industry experts.

Are you suffering from damaging, false statements and reviews but can’t afford fee-based Online Reputation Management services? We understand. And that is why we, volunteer creators, who make our livings almost exclusively through these types of services, started this website to surrender our collective knowledge and experience to those who cannot afford professional services. It is our hope that with these free resources we can lower the barriers to effective and economical ORM.

Australian Victims

Aussie victims can request powerful ‘Concerns Notice’ templates, to serve upon search engines demanding removal of any damaging google search results and false statements about themselves, their businesses or families.

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European Victims

Europe residents have a powerful Internet defamation removal weapon in the form of “Right to be Forgotten” law, passed by the EU Central Government. Also, unlike the USA, defamation in most EU countries is a criminal offense.

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USA Victims

USA residents have a tough battle. The U.S. Congress passed an ironically named law §230C of the Communications Decency Act; this law has caused suicides due to internet defamation, a 4-minute video by one of our founders explains.

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All Countries

The Defamation911 team is constantly adding new self-help material, for now, the international section is listed alphabetically by country, and can be found here

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