There are thousands of “Online Reputation Management” and “Search Engine Optimization” (ORM & SEO) vendors around the world. They offer fee-based services to rescue us from the damage done through online defamation, at the cost of our emotional and vocational well-being. This modern phenomenon comes through a historically unique Digital Dynasty, the throne on which one search engine giant, in particular, is securely seated.

However, you do not need to pay for the services, you can do it yourself for free! Although we, the volunteer creators of, make our livings almost exclusively through these types of services, it is our pleasure to surrender our collective wisdom, knowledge and experience to those who cannot afford professional services. By building up this central library of guides, do—it-yourself tutorials, and other self-help resources, it is our hope that we can lower the barriers to effective and economical ORM, kind of like the magician who publishes all of his or her industry’s secrets.