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“Notice of Concerns” – A Powerful Legal Document That Leaves Search Engines Without Excuse.

Unlike the USA, Common Law countries such as Australia, have strong anti-defamation laws to protect their citizens against Internet Defamation.When you discover defamatory search results, consider filing a Notice of Concerns upon all major search engines, demanding removal of the search results. If the Search Engine Giants ignore you, they may be liable for financial damages to you. You have the following options:

  1. If you can afford it, ask your lawyer to research and rrepare a NOC for service against Search Engines.
  2. Try doing it yourself
  3. Engage a paralegal or other experienced person to help you prepare the document. This is very economical, but you should always ask your lawyer to review before submission. The Defamation 911 team can help you with this.

Search Engine Result Removal Request Forms

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Ask Google to Delete Defamatory Search Results

Sometimes Google will remove defamatory and harassing material from its Google-logosearch results pages. It costs nothing to submit these requests, we have published the instructions here:

Request Removal of Damaging Search Results
How to Submit a Court Order for removal to Google

Ask to Delete Defamatory Search Removal RequestMore Bing Instructions

How to Submit a Court Order for removal to Bing

Ask to Delete Defamatory Search Results

Request to Remove Defamatory Search Results in EuropeRemove_search_results_yahoo

To Request to Remove Defamatory Search Results outsideof Europe is a bit more tricky. You need a Yahoo! Site Explorer account to contact Yahoo. You can sign up here. 

More details on requesting to remove search results on Yahoo…

How to Submit a Court Order for removal to Yahoo

Injurious Falsehood as Opposed to Defamation in Australian Law

Article 1, Article 2

Australian “Pre-action Discovery”

Australian “Pre-action discovery” can reduce your legal expenses while investigating the chances of success in identifying anonymous online antagonists >>> Read full article

Dr. Janice Duffy’s Victory Against Google in Self Represented Defamation Case

Dr. Janice Duffy had a major victory against Google in South Australia, as a self-represented Plaintiff, she demolished the defenses of Google’s multi-million dollar legal team. The Court awarded Janice $150,000 in damages and about $300,000 in earlier legal fees. She also set a new precedent establishing Google as a publisher in Australia for search engine results. Visit Janice’s Website >>> and her other site