Bad Boy Report Lawsuit – Pros & Cons

BadBoyReport Removal Lawsuit

How to Remove Bad Boy Report

If you are a USA resident, you are in for a tough fight if you are considering a Bad Boy Report Lawsuit. The Bad Boy Report administrators are very secretive Romainian webmasters, and even if you manage to serve them with a lawsuit, they are likely protected by Section 230 (C) of the Communications Decency Act (watch video).

Notwithstanding the difficulties, removal of false allegations from is essential. If you’re in the United States, Google probably will not remove it from the search results without a court order. In order to get a court order, you need to positively identify the individual who first posted the allegations against you. Our Internet Private Investigator partner can help with that.

Victims of Bad Boy Report outside the USA, there may be more options available. You can submit a Google Takedown Notice to remove the defaming post from the search index. Although the webpage will still be publicly available, let’s face it, if you can’t find it in Google search results it may as well not exist.

If Google does not remove Bad Boy Report from search results for your name, you might want to consider suppressing any negative search results from Google, when your name or brand is Googled, volunteers for this website have a commercial search suppression service called

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