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Many medical professionals are defamed on RateMDs by vicious ex-clients or competitors. If you are reading this, it’s likely you want to contact RateMDs to ask them to remove false and defamatory reviews, but like many others, you can’t find the contact information. You can use the verified contact information below.


how to contact ratemds for review removalor message through in their contact form.

Phone: 416-341-8950

Mailing Address:
2828 Westberry Dr # 8.
San Jose, CA 95132.

What is the site RateMDs about.

According to RateMDs, their website is “the original and biggest doctor rating website.” The site presents reviews about a large number of Canadian physicians and medical practices in a range of disciplines. Like many other medical review websites, RateMDs is thought about a trusted provider of data for patients who are looking for the finest medical service. Users can judge the skills, service, and complete performance of a healthcare expert by reading testimonials from present and former clients of that provider. Because of the scale of this site and established trust this site carries, a negative or libelous review on RateMDs can be very detrimental to a physician’s career.

RateMDs false reviews.

Sadly, RateMDs is prone to false reviews by rivals or vindictive ex-clients. Physicians can pay RateMDs a monthly fee to conceal up to three reviews. A lot of people hold back to pay RateMDs for various reasons. 1) Some consider it to be extortion: pay the site that allows false reviews to eliminate those reviews. 2) Some have more than three false reviews they desire to be removed. 3) Some don’t want to commit to a continuous monthly charge.

Defamatory RateMDs review removal.

Besides litigation, you have a number of other options. An effective approach is suppression. By suppressing the negative RateMDs search results to page 2 or further of Google, you decrease the exposure dramatically. Barely anyone will see the negative testimonials. While it is time-consuming, it is effective and as a bonus presents you more desirable content in Google to show potential clients.

We also have had success with talking to RateMDs to request removal. If you can confirm that a review is in violation of the site’s terms of service, RateMDs should remove the review in question. The terms and conditions disallow users from submitting untrue, slanderous, or irrelevant info about a professional. If you can demonstrate that one user (a vicious ex-client for example) published multiple reviews, you also have a case of terms of service offense and the reviews are qualified for removal.

If you need support with suppression, creating a powerful case against the site to contact RateMDs, we can help. Get in touch, let us know the situation and we will decide on the most effective approach.


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