Ways to Submit A Court Order To Bing For Search Result Removal

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Ways To Present A Court Order To Bing For Content Removal

Submit Court Order to Bing

Bing_logoIf you have a court order for a removal of defaming content on Bing’s search results, you can submit this court order to Bing to support your request for the removal of damaging posts and URL’s. A court order will put extra pressure on Bing but unlike Google, Bing is not legally obligated to remove content. In their own words: “we MIGHT remove a displayed search result if we receive a valid and narrow court order indicating that a particular link has been found to be defamatory.”

Submit Court Order to Block Bing Search Results In Europe

Submit Court Order for Content Removal Outside of Europe

Demand Bing to remove search results from ALL countries search engines:

For example. If you a German citizen for example, Bing could just remove the injurious search results page in Germany, without removing the search results from all EU domain expansion variants of Bing. While most European people use the worldwide Bing search engine instead of the EU nation Bing domains. If Bing does remove your damaging content, be sure to make certain that the damaging search engine result does not show in ‘com.’ This is in truth an international internet site, used by most European people.

A little insight in ‘. com’ domain names

. Com isn’t an USA domain name, unlike most people think.

It is worldwide; The ‘.com’ was initially assigned for ‘commercial’. i.e. commercial purposes carried out by businesses without nationwide or geographical limitations

REF: See: RFC1591 (1994), RFC819 (1982), RFC822 (1982) and also others. [The precursors to TLD’s were: “. arpa”, “. csnet”, “. bitnet”, and also “. uucp”]

Find your Negative Search Results to Remove from Page 1 of Google

Simply enter the search phrases that display unfavorable results in Google Search:


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