What If You Already Have Lots of Youtube Videos

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You already have a Youtube channel with lots of Youtube video’s? It might be worth optimizing the original video files per our instructions and uploading these to a new channel. Make sure your channel has your important keywords in it.

Although you may have received many views and invested a lot of time in the existing channel; if you optimize the video’s per our instructions (which you can find here), they will likely rank higher in the short term.

Linking your old video’s to the new video’s

After you optimized and uploaded the video’s, make sure you take these steps:

1. Include a linked annotation pop up in each video that links to the new version

2. Include active links (include “http://..“) in the text description box underneath the video. These links should be linking to the new version.

3. In the new versions: Include at the bottom of the description something similar to:

“Previous version http://youtube.URL

This will help the new channel to show up at the ‘suggested video’s’ on the right side.

Adding sound/video extension

Google Youtube recognizes duplicated videos and audio tracks. As such you may wish to add a 5 second extension sound /video bite at the end of each new version. For example, to accommodate diversity provisions where the main video has a male’s voice, this could be a female voiceover giving instructions as to how to contact you or your business, with a screenshot of addresses etc.

Our instructions to optimize your video’s:



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