Why is it so hard to outrank some negative Google search results?

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Google Search Result-Optimization is More Like A Horse Race that Never Ends

Lots of people erroneously think that high ranking in Google is like a ladder, but it is much more like a horse race that goes on forever; Really, it never ends. Each time you look at Google search for a specific query it is simply a snapshot of how the horses are placed at that moment in time, but not necessarily the distance between each horse.

If one was to lift the bonnet on the Google search engine, he or she would realize that what is displayed on the Google website, is an optical illusion that office on a very simple view of the search results. Google is alive, it never sleeps, and its algorithm never stops working. If anyone tells you he or she can take control of your search results, he or she is a liar. It is impossible, it would be more accurate to say that he or she could dance with Google, and try to lead the dance, but, that persuasion does not come with a lot of horse-power,  unless the dancer has a lot of tricks up his or her sleeve.

A Google search snapshot now, maybe different in as little as an hour from now, probably not much difference if any, but it can change that dynamically, particular for fresh content or trending topics. For well-established content ranking high for a particular search result, the changes are less volatile, and would be best measured weekly, monthly or even over longer periods to analyze the changes.

It is this constant updating and evolution of the Google search algorithm, the results in the perpetual horse race. It is constantly scanning for new content containing different keyword combinations, in order to serve those results when someone comes looking.

It is for these reasons that you cannot afford to ignore or maintain search engine optimized content, that you control, for your important search results, if you relax, it could have catastrophic effects on the business, particularly if you rely heavily on Internet-based incoming sales, or new customer acquisition, or new customer due diligence efforts.

What Most People Think

Most search engine users believe that ranking is a close and evenly spaced race.

Google search results, although evenly distributed visually, are almost always not what they seem.

Google search results, although evenly distributed visually, are almost always not what they seem.

But, it is more accurate to describe search results as a long-distance endurance race, in the outback, where riders often can’t even see each other for days.

 They can be massive gaps between each search result in Google, so for almost 3 to catch up to horse two, they could be a lot more work than expected due to the large gap in relevance weighting, as described by Google.

There can be massive gaps between each search result in Google, so for Horse-3 to catch up to Horse-2, there could be a lot more work than expected, because of the large gap and weighting as designated by Google.


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