How to Submit a DMCA Copyright Takedown Request on Google

Google search does not have a safe harbor immunity provision when it comes to copyright breaches that are reproduced within its search engine. This includes photographs, illustrations, videos and text for which you are the rightful owner. To submit a copyright takedown demand on Google, click on the image below and it will take you to the correct form.

Please note, with respect to photographs of yourself, with the exception of “selfies”, you do not own the copyright. The person who clicked the shutter button is the person who owns the photograph, even if it is of you. In such cases, you literally made to have the person who took the photograph, even if it is your little sister, to assign ownership of the copyright to you. Pursuant to contract Law 101, then it’s to be consideration. As such, you should pay for the photograph, even if it is one penny. [You can download a template Assignment of Copyright Template for free here]

If Google refuses to delete the copyrighted material from their search engine, Youtube, Blogspot or other Google owned properties, you can submit a request for a quote for professional help to suppress the results from Search Engines.

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Other links: (1) Yahoo DMCA Takedown form (2) Bing Copyright Takedown Form

Submit Google Search Engine Result Suppression Request

Simply enter the search phrases that display unfavorable results in Google Search: