Donald Trump’s Allegations of Google Search Manipulation Confirmed in 2012

Donald Trump’s reports that Google artificially boosts negative content in search results was already established in 2012 by Licensed Private Investigator, Michael Roberts of Rexxfield.

Michael identified that the search engine appeared to hold search result positions 3 & 4 on page 1, and # 11 on page 2, for results that hurt the target of the search.
After Roberts released his discoveries, Google seemed to adapt its algorithm so that the damaging results were spread more randomly in the first and second pages of search results, but still seemed to enjoy artificially elevated positioning.

The Way Google Earns through Google Search Manipulation

Rexxfield’s 2012 video lays out the theory, and how Google gains financially by maligning third parties whilst continuing to be invulnerable from liability due to US legislation Section 230C of the Communications Decency Act.

How US Congress can resolve online Defamation

Michael later shared a video with ideas to the US Congress for amendments to the 1996 law that provides Google immunity for defamation, ironically titled “Section 230C of the Communications Decency Act”.

Free Self-Help Tools to Combat Google Defamation

Michael’s team has released manuals and Do It Yourself tips for minimizing the damage Google does to you by means of defamation. Visit

About Michael Roberts

As a Private Investigator, Michael has tracked down or positively identified numerous anonymous online criminals. He also catched a murder fugitive for the US Marshals following a 2-month manhunt. His biography and case studies are available here: Michael’s team at delivers skilled assistance in supressing malicious and defamatory content in Google search results.

Michael also offered Investigatory Journalistic Support for internet and other digital communications related cases, should your team have need: