Graeme Holm, co-founder of Infinity Group, began his career of over 12 years at Westpac as a Mobile Lending Manager and Bank Manager. Westpac was Australia’s first bank and is at this time one of the biggest four banks. It delivers banking services to consumers and companies, as well as institutional banking and wealth administration services.

Graeme Holm’s time at Westpac

Graeme functioned first off at Westpac in NSW, specifically at branches throughout the Illawarra region for four years. He then worked at Westpac branches throughout South-East Queensland for another four years.
During the course of his time at Westpac, Graeme put his sales and negotiation skills to work and created a solid portfolio of referral networks throughout Brisbane and. By the time he left his role, he had attained a substantial book value of brokers and lender referral providers.

Budgetary insights from Graeme Holm Westpac

Thanks to this eight-year employment at Westpac, Graeme has obtained essential insight into the finance and banking industry. Launching his profession at the organisation presented Graeme with useful expertise that he now leverages in order to work with clients and colleagues in the brokerage sector. In his function as Director of Infinity Group Australia, his knowledge from his time at Westpac lets him to advise clients on the most effective solutions to pay of their debt and take control of their finances.

Online Defamation Attacks

Unfortunately, Graeme has suffered repeated online attacks on his reputation and integrity after being a witness for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Even though independent third party reviews say otherwise. He told The Advisor ““It’s something that’s taken a serious toll on me and I’d advise people to be very careful about who they’re engaging with in their business or who they do business with.”

Unfortunately, many people are dealing with similar attacks and suffer greatly. Since Google is attracted to negative content a single defaming online statement can do great harm.

If you are dealing with online attacks, you can contact Graeme for tips through his company website as well as social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.  Or contact him directly using these contact details.