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From experience we can say that contacting RateMDs administrators about deleting fake reviews is pointless; except if you want to pay exorbitant fees to RateMDs to stop hurting your reputation. We believe this to be a classic shakedown. Please don’t support these business to contact ratemds for review removal

What is the site RateMDs about.

According to RateMDs, their website is “the original and biggest doctor rating website.” The site presents over 1 million reviews about physicians and medical practices in most disciplines.

However, the website allows any anonymous users to publish unverified reviews about health care professionals. Often these reviews are malicious or fake, which damages your reputation and scares away potential patients. Because of the’s size and credibility in Google’s eyes, a negative or libelous review is very detrimental to a physician’s career.

RateMDs False Reviews.

Sadly, is prone to false reviews by rivals or vindictive ex-patients. Physicians can pay RateMDs a monthly fee to conceal up to three reviews. Many doctors are hesitant to pay RateMDs for various reasons.

  1. Some consider it to be extortion: pay the site that allows false reviews to eliminate those reviews.
  2. Some have more than three false reviews they desire to be removed.
  3. Some don’t want to commit to a continuous monthly charge.

Defamatory RateMDs Review Removal.

The team from has a very high success rate for completely removing Google search results for common law country residents. So, if you are looking to remove fake RateMDs reviews from search results you should getting in touch with about RateMDs removal.

Suppressing RateMDs from Google Search Results

Bad News For USA Doctors:

Unfortunatly, search result removal as described above is not so easy for US residents due to the protection of the Communications Decency Act. As a US resident, you have a number of other options. An effective approach is “search suppression”. By suppressing the negative RateMDs search results to page 2 or further of Google, you decrease the exposure dramatically. Barely anyone will see the fake, negative testimonials.

If you need support with RateMDs damage mitigation, or other fake review sites, we can help. Get in touch, let us know the situation and we will send you free tips, and suggest professional solutions.