There are several crucial enhancements you need to make to your video files BEFORE uploading them to Youtube. We recommend the following steps:

  1. Convert your video file to MPeg4 format.
  2. Use as high resolution as you can
  3. Prepare a comprehensive list of keywords for which you want the video(s) to rank

If you already have a channel with lots of video’s, have a look at our extra steps to optimize your video’s and channel.


Page1-Need-HelpBefore uploading and optimizing the video in Youtube, there are a few significant enhancements needed for the video file, to be carried out locally, on your computer.  There has been a lot of chatter about what makes videos rank, but we haven’t noticed many people teaching the following technique. Investing in these extra steps can give long lasting dominance to your video’s ranking. The screenshots are from a Windows PC, as it seems that it’s not yet possible on a Mac to add all of these enhancements, at least, we haven’t discovered how yet. If you know how to do it on Mac, we’d love to hear from you.

STEP 1: Optimize Video Before Youtube Upload

Name your video with the relevant long-tail keyword description (i.e. “Acme Accounting Tax Savings Tips.mp4”
Right click and choose properties → details.
This is where you can obtain your extra juice and optimization. Take your keywords, maybe 3-4 main keywords and up to 5-10 secondary keywords, for your long tail keywords.
Amend the file properties as described below, to avoid confusion, make sure your watch our short demonstration video, rather than relying only on our text in this post.

Title: main keyword
Subtitle: Secondary keywords
Rating: to 5
Tags: every keyword you have,–>Use the “;” character to keep all tags separate. For example:
main keyword 1;main keyword 2;main keyword 2;
comments: A brief video description, but be sure to add your important keywords in here as well

If you follow the above instructions, it should pay big dividends in Google rank unless they are highly competitive keywords.

STEP 2: Optimizing within Youtube

When your meta-tagged and meta description enhanced Mp4 video file has been uploaded to YouTube, you will be presented with several additional fields.

TITLE FIELD: Again, your main keyword must be in your title… not just a random word(s), but a real title with your keyword weaved therein.

DESCRIPTION FIELD: you want to have your primary keyword at the start of the description field, followed by the links to the web page you are promoting, and of course, a Call To Action.

After the essential description elements above, you can add broader wider description and links relating to the video in there. Deeper in the description, you can mention your secondary and long-tail keywords; Google shouldn’t punish you for doing this, for now at least.

TAG FIELD: Include all of your keywords.

STEP 3 (OPTIONAL) – Local Search Optimization:

Now go to Advanced Settings.
When you promote your place of business; make sure you add your location in the advanced settings. Especially when you’re targeting local search. This is not so important for international and e-commerce related videos.


You should now audit YouTube by searching for videos in your niche. Look also at the “Related Video” sidebar. Analyze their titles and descriptions to learn why they are in the top 10/20, inspiring for useful keywords. Check their title & description. Take over some important keywords in your description.

On the right of the video you see several videos. Copying their titles & username and placing this in your description will help Google to get a better understanding of the context of your video. Make it more acceptable with things like : “Thanks to …. for inspiring me to make this video”. Youtube will sync your video with these videos and understand what your video is about.


High-quality backlinks from other websites, to your content, is crucial for increasing Google Search Rank. Some organizations dedicate software and staff to focus on these tasks; that’s how important it can be to the success of a business. These backlinks cause your content to behave in a similar manner to a viral video or a topic that is trending in the news; Google sees references to said website/page across the net and views it as engaging and or relevant, this boosts your ranking.
Handle items below.

To really get a powerful ranking on your video you need to follow SEVERAL OR ALL OF THESE methods, not just one!!

What To Do if You Already Have Many Video’s on Youtube

If you already have a channel with lots of video’s there are extra steps you can take to optimize your Youtube Google results. You can find these steps here.

General Best Practices for Back linking. 5 Sub-Steps

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