Dealing with negative reviews from employees on

Summary to improve Glassdoor ratings

  • Claim Glassdoor profile
  • Get someone to manage the profile
  • Ask employees for positive reviews

This might be your situation, or similar. An employee is pulling down the rest of the team. He is negative and toxic to the team dynamic. Or he might be underperforming and just doing a lousy job. After several warnings, you’ve had enough and fired him.

However, your angry former employee continues ranting, not only to their friends but also online. He twists the story to make you look like the bad guy. The guy continues to rant about his frustrations regarding you and your company on online profiles like the high ranking

What happens next? Job applicants have seen your vacancy and want to know more about working for your company. They find the Glassdoor reviews that are unfortunately negative from unhappy ex-employees. It’s very likely they will pass the opportunity to work for you.

You’re not the only one

If your Glassdoor page is in bad shape, you can take comfort knowing that you’re not alone. The average company rating on Glassdoor is just 3.3 stars. It all comes down to human nature. People rather share negative experiences than positive ones. Vindictive employees seek justice by venting on the internet, whereas satisfied employees are perfectly happy the way things are. They have no reason to leave reviews.

Steps to improve Glassdoor Ratings

Unfortunately, the internet is so impactful for businesses – whether you want to or not. Negative reviews are not something you can just ignore, or the negativity will continue to pour in. If that has already happened to you, here are steps to improve Glassdoor ratings.

1. Claim your free Glassdoor employer profile

Once you claim your Glassdoor company profile, you have more control to improve Glassdoor ratings. You can control the way it looks by updating company information and flag reviews that are inappropriate. You also get access to the “employer center” which allows you to track page views and the demographics of your profile visitors. Additionally you can sign up for alerts to be the first one to know when someone posts something new. But most importantly, you can join the conversations and respond to reviews. Many business owners with negative Glassdoor reviews are hesitant to answer. They don’t want to legitimize the complaint or bring more attention to it. Or they might think that the person is absolutely crazy and not open to reason. These are legit concerns. But imagine you are researching a company, which of the two review variations below would give you more confidence in the company?


Responding compassionately shows people that you care. It may even soften the employee who left the review causing him to remove the review. But also respond to positive reviews. Image how thrilled those employees will be to receive a thank you. Just by hearing that their input is important and appreciated might turn your happy employees into brand ambassadors. HOWEVER! We have dealt with clients who we asked to stay clear of the profile and NOT to respond. If you are dealing with a smear campaign from a vindictive person who is out to destroy you, your response will only antagonize the person more.

2. Get someone to manage Glassdoor

For many companies, Glassdoor is not a website to be ignored. It might be wise to assign one of your team members to manage the claimed Glassdoor listing. This person needs to monitor and improve Glassdoor ratings. Don’t assign an internet to do this job. You need someone with influence to encourage change.

3. Ask current employees to leave reviews

We get many requests from people to suppress the negative Glassdoor listing. We suppress many Glassdoor listings, but often we also recommend the employer to take control himself of the profile and improve Glassdoor ratings. Rather than suppressing the profile. This strategy is going to take some work from you as well as your employees. But it’s quite simple and often effective. Send a review request to your employees. Ask them to write an authentic, positive review. Every business has its shortcomings which may be briefly mentioned. It needs to be real; you don’t want over the top positive 5 star reviews. It won’t be credible. Usually, you can motivate your employees to leave positive reviews when they:

  • see how it helps the business
  • have guidance on what to write and how to do it
  • are not pressured

You might be eager to ask all your employees for reviews instantly, but there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Don’t ask all employees for a review at the same time

It looks suspicious and unnatural to have some reviews and all of a sudden a waterfall of positive reviews within a short window of time. You can, for example, ask a different department each week or every other week. Besides, negative reviews are likely to come in at a natural pace. So that pile of positive reviews would be buried by every negative one that comes in after. If positive reviews are posted regularly, you can prevent this from happening.

If you have multiple listings; don’t copy and paste reviews.

If you have multiple Glassdoor listings, it requires a more sophisticated strategy. Not only do you not ask everyone at the same time, but you also need to inform your employees not to copy and paste reviews. You might decide to tackle one listing at a time. But if you want to tackle them all immediately, make sure your employees don’t post the same review on all listings at the same time. We recently had a client who was dealing with a malicious fake ex-employee. Every time a positive review was posted, it was countered with a new negative from the cyber bully. In this case, we recommend to leave the Glassdoor listing and pursue a Google Take Down. If you are in the USA your chance of success is quite small, unfortunately. However, for the UK, Canadian and Australian residents there is a high success rate.Contact us if you need help.

Improving Glassdoor ratings takes time.

It takes time and effort to fix Glassdoor ratings. But it is possible. Don’t get fixated at getting 5 stars, not many companies on Glassdoor have 5 stars. Besides, 4+ stars seem more trustworthy for many people, because there are always flaws within companies. And there is no shame in them being shared. To stop negative reviews from getting on the internet, make sure your company regularly asks feedback from employees. Give them the opportunity to share their experience and air their grievances if there are any. See it as a chance to improve your company and employee satisfaction. Provide channels to share discontent, rather than open soundboards on the internet that you don’t control.