How To Serve A Court Order On Yahoo For Search Result Removal

Submit Court Order to Yahoo

If you want Yahoo to remove damaging and false content of their search results & you have a court order, you can submit this court order to Yahoo.

European Residents:
Click here to submit your court order to Yahoo yahoo.logo

Use this contact form

Make sure Yahoo eliminates search engine results from ALL countries websites

If you are German resident, Yahoo could just remove the injurious search results page from the German search engine without removing the search results from all EU domain expansion variants. It’s important to remove the content from all countries search engine since the most Europeans don’t use the EU nation search engine but the worldwide version. If Yahoo tells you that the ‘.com’ search engine is not a European website, you need to know that it is in truth an international internet site. Which means it’s extremely available to your appearance, and should be part of the removal procedure.

A little insight in ‘. com’ domain names

.Com IS NOT an USA domain name! It’s worldwide; The ‘.com’ was initially assigned for ‘commercial’. i.e. commercial purposes carried out by businesses without nationwide or geographical limitations

Find your Negative Search Results to Remove from Page 1 of Google

Simply enter the search phrases that display unfavorable results in Google Search: