Contact BadBoyReport Com for Removal – Extortion?

The BadBoyReport com website uses a South Korean domain extension “.kr”. This maybe in an attempt to avoid service or claim lack of jurisdiction for subpoenas and lawsuits originating in the United States and other Western nations. However, just because it is a South Korean domain name, it does not mean the administrators are based in that nation, they are likely based in Romainia. (We don’t actually know who is behind the BadBoyReport com)


NON-USA Residents:

If you live outside the United States, you can use the following form to request the Google remove BadBoyReport com about you from it search index. If Google complies, then your troubles are over. Although the defamatory page persists within BBR website, if you cannot find it in Google it may as well not exist.

USA Residents:

Unfortunately for USA residents, you have a tougher battle ahead of you. Because of the ironically named Section 230(C) of the Communication Decency Act, Google does not have to remove defamatory search results about you, nor can you successfully sue Google in court because of the same law.

BadBoyReport com EXTORTION?

BadBoyReport com Removal

BadBoyReport com has been accused of extortion tactics, but it is protected by USA law.

If you are a victim of a malicious BadBoyReport com, you may have noticed that they accept “donations” by PayPal for USD$9,999.00. You might think this is extortion, but unfortunately, even if it does meet the definition for extortion, in US law this obscene demand is protected by the ironically named Section 230(C) of the Communication Decency Act. In fact, was sued for extortion for similar tactics, but the judge found that they were simply “Hard Bargaining.”



The website is full of free, self-help tips on repairing your reputation within Google search results, if you have the time and just a basic technical understanding of the Internet.

Professional Help:

If you do not have the time or skills to fix your Google reputation problems yourself, and you can engage professional consultants to do this work for you. Contributors to this website also operate a fee-for-service reputation repair business called To see how it works, enter your name in the field below, choose the country in which you live, and follow the instructions.


As mentioned earlier, you cannot successfully sue Google or BadBoyReport com. However, you can file a lawsuit against the individual who posted the BadBoyReport com about you. Defamation litigation is emotionally and financially exhausting. If all you want is to bring an end to the smear campaign, and have the injurious publications deleted from Google and other search results then consider the following options:

The Willing Defendant:

If the individual who posted the defamatory material is willing to cooperate, in other words, if you have reconciled, or if he or she is concerned that you will sue them for monetary damages, then a “willing defendant” limited lawsuit may be the cheapest and fastest way to obtain a court order for the removal of the defamatory material from Google search results. Although Google does not theoretically have to comply with a court order, because Google is not a party to the lawsuit, the Silicon Valley giant will often cooperate. See: “Quick Fix and Cheapest Litigation – The Willing Defendant

Simple Declaratory Relief:

This limited action litigation will often be expedited through the court system because the judge and clerk of court can see that you are reasonable, and not seeking monetary damages. It can be one of the fastest ways to bring about an end to the Internet smear campaign against you. See: Quick Defamation Litigation – Simple Declaratory Relief

Full Blown Defamation Lawsuit:

If the BadBoyReport com about you has caused significant financial and emotional harm, then you may wish to pursue monetary damages for your injuries, as well as injunctive relief which will cause Google and other search engines to remove the damaging search results. Our Private Investigator Internet litigation support partners can help reduce the costs of obtaining the evidence you will need to establish the damages, and can also help positively identify anonymous antagonists.

Find and Internet Defamation Lawyer

Rexxfield Cyber Investigation Services can help you find a suitably qualified lawyer in your jurisdiction to help with your case.


You would be well advised to be very courteous and respectful if you contact the administrators of BadBoyReport com. If you are abusive or demanding, you will probably be ignored, and your problems will likely get worse.

The following email addresses have been used by BadBoyReport com in the past:

[email protected] This is the email address used for PayPal by the website.

[email protected]