Removal Help is owned ViaView, Inc. ViaView’s CEO & Founder is James McGibney, an American entrepreneur and former Marine who lives in Las Vegas.  ViaView, Inc., also owns and operates the web sites,,, and

Unfortunately for those who are falsely accused of cheating of, it  ranks very highly in Google & search results. To make matters worse, James McGibney’s company is immune for hosting the defamatory material, at least with respect to US defamation actions. This is a result of a flawed law called Section 230C of the Communications Decency Act.

Free Help:’s victims of defamation should visit at least two pages in this blog, the first being the victim’s help resources for your specific country (if available), and secondly, the Do-It-Yourself Reputation Repair resource page.

Professional Assistance for Defamation Victims:

Business victims of libel can request the rapid remediation of damaging Google search results for their personal and business names. Get started by entering the search phrases that display unfavorable results in Google Search and choose your country: