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PissedConsumer Victim's HelpWho owns PissedConsumer.com?

Vladimir Nardin is the Executive Director of Opinion Corp DBA PissedConsumer.com. Their published address is 1204 Ave U, Suite 1080, Brooklyn, NY 11229, USA. PissedConsumer.com’s Attorney is Marc Randazza, who can be contacted at +1-702-420-2001.

PissedConsumer.com ranks very highly in Google & Yahoo search results, but at the time of this entry, Bing.com seems to show more mercy to its victims by way of lower ranking.

Free Help:

Victim’s of false and defamatory PissedConsumer.com search results should visit at least two pages in this blog, the first being the victim’s help resources for your specific country (if available), and secondly, the DIY Reputation Repair resource page. This site is a labor of love, more tips and resources are being added regularly.

Professional Help for PissedConsumer Defamation Victims:

Business victims of PissedConsumer.com can request the rapid sanatization of Google search results for their brand and executive’s name below.

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