Higher Google Ranking: Start your own Change.org Petition

High ranking in a short time

changeORGBuryIf you are looking for new content to rank high in Google search results to suppress your negatives, publish a change.org petition. Petitions on change.org often get a high ranking, in a short amount of time. But to achieve this it is critical to pay attention to a view things to optimize your petition. We will show you how, step by step:



Step 1. Go to change.org and click the button ‘Start a petition’.

1. change.org - starting petition


Step 2. Write your Petition Title.

Include your keyword/phrase in the title.



Step 3. Choose a decision maker.

Include names of organizations or individuals who have influence to the change you are seeking



Step 4. Explain the problem you want to solve with the petition

This is a serious cause website. So explain your petition with care and respect. Do not misuse the platform or damage the website by posting junk.



Step 5. Sign up via Facebook or by entering your details.



Step 6. Upload Photo’s and Video’s.

Video’s can help the ranking. Embed your video, after you have optimized with these instructions.

Step 6 (a). Extra tip for Organizations.

When your keyword problem belongs to a brand, company or any type of organization, make sure to choose the option ‘Publish as Organization’. This way you can start multiple profiles and petitions for multiple brands.

Step 7. Time to Publish!

Step 8. Check your Profile.

Step 9. Complete your Profile by Updating the Empty Fields.



Step 10. Use your Social Media to Share your Petition.

Step 11. Support Yours & Other Petitions.

This way Change.org will view you as a serious activist.

Optional Petitions you can Support:

Allow Discovery & Injunctive Relief for Victims of Defamation by Page1.me Michael Roberts

Easy Redaction of Malicious Anonymous Defamation in Search – Comedian Clyde Cadiddlehopper