Quick & Cheap Defamation Litigation Hacks – Simple Declaratory Relief

Quick Defamation Litigation Hacks – Simple Declaratory Relief

Consider Forgoing Monetary Damages – If All You Want Is To Make The Defamation Stop

Defamation litigation can be financially and emotionally exhausting if you are seeking to prove, and recover monetary damages. However, if all you desire is to end the smear campaign, and cause the damaging publications to be removed from Google, and other search engine results, then consider the following option:

  1. File A Lawsuit against your defamer seeing ONLY Declaratory Relief. This is where the court or judge issues a decree that something is, or is not so. For example. If your defamer accuses you of scamming them for money, you can ask the court to weigh the evidence,and if you prove yourself innocent, the Court may issue a finding that “The Court finds that the Plaintiff did nt scam the defendant, as the Defendant claimed in the internet posting located at {URL ADDRESS}.
  2. In such as action, the Court will not award you monetary damages, because you are not asking for it.
  3. In such a case the Court will not order any websites or the Defendant to remove the article, because you are not seeking “Injunction”

But Why Would You Not Ask For an Injunction or Money Damages?

If you or your business has been permanently injured financially, due to the defamation, by all mean, ask the court to award monetary damages. But be warned, the burden required to prove damages is much higher, and therefore incurs much higher legal costs. It will also take much longer.

Likewise, a court ordered injunction takes much longer, and costs more.

WHEREAS, if all you really care about is having the defamation removed from the web, or even just search engine results, then a declaration maybe all you need. Google’s “Remove Search Results” form will often bring quick results as long as you can prove the allegations are false. As such, if you upload a Court Declaration, then your strategic goal of removing the offensive material from public view, will have been met!

Lets face it, if it ain’t in search results, it may as well not exist!

CAUTION: In some courts, it could be that by obtaining only declaratory relief, then you may be barred from increasing the relief demands later, to money and injunctions. So check with a suitably qualifies lawyer if this is a concern.

Begin Building a Reputation Firewall to:

  1. Begin suppressing existing search problems and
  2. Reduce the chances of new defamation appearing in search results

The Defamation911.org team also provides professional Search Engine Suppression services which remove damaging search results from public view. If you can justify the expense, give them a go: