Request Takedown Forms for Search Results and Social Profiles

Takedown and Complaint Form Links

People dealing with defamation often ask what they can do to get defaming, private or offensive content removed from search engines without taking legal action. Before spending thousands of dollars on lawyers you can try to get search engines and social channels to remove content through a request takedown form. By raising the issues about defaming, false or private published information you might be able to get the material removed.

In many instances, these request takedown forms result in content removal while in other cases, these requests are the first step before taking further action.

Because search engines and social media channels don’t make it easy for us to find those request takedown forms, we listed all the relevant links below.

Often, these forms deal quit well with online defamation or abuse. The forms vary in categories but they do cover:

Click the image to learn more about Google search result removal for common law countries.

Request Takedown Form Bing 

Bing has a form for raising concerns about offensive material and private information.

Additionally there is a form to make a request to Block Bing Search Results in Europe under the “right to be forgotten”.

You can also choose to submit a court order to Bing.

Request Takedown Form Blogger 

Blogger has an online form named “Someone is posting my private information or explicit photos or videos of me without my consent”

There is also a form for reporting Harassment and bullying content on Blogger

When you are dealing with defamation/libel, which you want to report, you should use the form “Report other legal removal issue”.

Request Takedown Form Facebook

Facebook has a page that explains how to report things. This page explains how profiles, posts, images, photo’s and message which breach “Community Standards” can be reported to Facebook.

Request Takedown Form Google 

Google has a webpage for those requesting for content removal from any of its services under applicable laws. It also displays a short video explaining the process.

When personal information like credit card details, signature or sexual images/video’s are published without your consent, you should complete the “Remove information from Google” form.

To request the removal of defaming content you need the form entitled “Report other legal removal issue.”

For a removal request of content indexed on the European Google Search Google provides a form entitled EU Privacy Removal based on European data protection law.

You can also submit a DMCA Takedown Request on Google.

Request Takedown Form Instagram 

Instagram has a page “Reporting harassment or bullying on Instagram” where they talk about ways to report issues as well as offering a report form.

Additionally there is page “Exposed Private Information” and a report form.

Request Takedown Form LinkedIn 

LinkedIn has a form where you can report inaccurate or false information on someone else’s account.

Also, there is a page that explains how to report fake profiles or impersonation issues.

Request Takedown Form Twitter

Twitter includes a page which provides an overview of how to report potential violations of the Twitter Rules and Terms of Service.  Please note that these violations don’t include “defamatory posts”.

There are specific forms for 3 types of issues:

Request Takedown Form WordPress has a form named “Report content to staff”.

Search Result Removal Yahoo 

You can also submit a court order on Yahoo for search result removal.

Request Takedown Form YouTube 

YouTube has a page called “Safety and Abuse Reporting” – covering among other things harassment and cyberbullying, impersonation, violent threats.  Unfortunately, there is no form for reporting defamation.

There is also a page “YouTube Privacy Guidelines” including a link to the Privacy Complaint Process.