Help for USA Victims of Online Defamation

Houston, we have a problem…

§ 230C of the Communications Decency Act is effectively State-Sponsored Cyber Terrorism against USA Citizens.

Currently, victims of Internet defamation in the United States have a bigger problem than most countries with respect to removing defamatory material from the Internet. This is because of a flawed law, ironically named Section 230C of the Communications Decency Act.

Read the brief recommendations by our founder Michael Roberts of

This video explains the problem:

Resources for legal professionals, lawmakers and scholars:

Download the masterpiece § 230C critique by Prof. Ben Medeiros titled “Platform (Non-)Intervention and the ‘Marketplace’ Paradigm for Speech Regulation”

Download “Cyber Civil Rights” by Prof. Danielle Keats Citron

Search Engine Result Removal Request Forms

NOTE: The URLs for these pages sometimes change. Please let us know if the links don’t work.

Google-logoAsk Google to Delete Defamatory Search Results

Sometimes Google will remove defamatory and harassing material from its search results pages. It costs nothing to submit these requests, we have published the instructions here:

Request Removal of Damaging Search Results
How to submit a Court Order to Google

Ask to Delete Defamatory Search Removal Request – More Bing Instructions

How to submit a Court Order to Bing

Ask to Delete Defamatory Search Results

Request to Remove Defamatory Search Results in EuropeRemove_search_results_yahoo

To Request to Remove Defamatory Search Results outside of Europe is a bit more tricky. You need a Yahoo! Site Explorer account to contact Yahoo. You can sign up here. 

More details on requesting to remove search results on Yahoo…

How to submit a Court Order to Yahoo

Other resources

We also have volunteer lawyers in various countries who will be donating free templates for small claims and major claims lawsuits for defamation against websites and the authors of the defamatory material.

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The following link includes numerous tips and self-help articles on civil aspects of Internet defamation and harassment.