Ways to Submit A Court Order To Google For Search Result Removal

Check your Search Results to know Which to Remove From Page 1 of Google:

Simply enter the search phrases that display unfavorable results in Google Search:

Court Order Submission to Google

After obtaining a court order for the slanderous or other unsafe speech on an iGoogle-logonternet page, you can send it to Google. This way you can make sure to get Google to eliminate the damaging pages from the search results. After all, if a website can not be found on Google, it might as well not exist.

Use this Form to Send a Court Order to Google 

If you specifically are looking for Google to eliminate damaging sites from Google search results page, utilize this form.

NON USA: In enhancement to correctly serving the records, you could email Google a courtesy duplicate to [email protected]

Important: Get Google to eliminate the search result from Google World Wide sites

If you live in Germany for instance, Google might just eliminate the injurious search results from google.de. and not from ALLl EU domain name expansion variations of Google. However, you will find that most of the European citizens do not utilize EU nation Google domain names, but instead use the worldwide “Google.com”. If Google does approve your elimination demand, you need to see to it that the annoying search results page does not display in Google.com. If Google tells you that this is not a European website, you need to understand that it is in truth a worldwide web site. Which means it is really accessible to your appearance, and needs to become part of the extraction process.

A lesson about “. com” domains

Many people think .com is a UNITED STATE domain. IT IS NOT. It is global; .com was initially marked for “industrial”. i.e. business objectives performed by companies without national or geographical constraints

REF: See: RFC1591 (1994), RFC819 (1982), RFC822 (1982) and also others. [The precursors to TLD’s were: “. arpa”, “. csnet”, “. bitnet”, and “. uucp”]