Like every successful business, Yoga Burn received many reviews. We analysed the Yoga Burn reviews to determine the most trustworthy opinions from real people. 

Yoga Burn is a successful, downloadable and digital body shaping solution for women that is always available at your fingertips with any mobile device, desktop or laptop computer. What makes Yoga Burn so different and efficient is its strategic 3 stage technique. These stages deal with the concerns and difficulties everyday women face when it comes to losing weight, forming their body and feeling positive. 

Yoga Burn 12 week challenge
Yoga Burn 12 week challenge

The Yoga guide stages

Stage 1: Foundation Phase

Building a foundation of strength and flexibility while learning how to kickstart a raised metabolism.


Performing poses to help reshape your body and sculpt and tone it. You will also learn about using Yoga for peace of mind and health.


You will use everything you have learned in the previous stages and really master the art of good yogic practises. This stage is designed to build on strength and stamina to you get toned and stronger. This structure helps you to focus and take the stress out of your workout to improve your mental well being.

The Yoga Burn system makes it easy to start and learn about yoga while getting in the habit of doing it every day. Because it is easy to follow, this guide is suitable for beginners. You can start from a point you are comfortable with, to learn the basic moves and expand on that knowledge. Learn more about how it works.

Yoga Burn reviews from real people

Mental well being and weight loss are topics most women are familiar with. Maybe that is why Yoga Burn has been supported by so many. However, some women wanted to test the program first before believing the hype. 

The AACE found Yoga Burn to be a “comprehensive guide to achieving the most from yoga, and as such is the beginning of your journey to a new, healthier and fitter you.”

BasilPark was sceptical and expected Yoga Burn to be “just another gimmicky yoga video”. To their surprise, they found Zoe’s guide to have unique ideas. The review continued to conclude that “if you stick to the program and combine it with a healthy diet, you’re likely to see real changes to your body.” 

Monica from ReviewAlert tested the guide for 3 months. Her goal was to reduce her extra weight of 62 pounds. After the trial, she lost 37 pounds! 

Another positive review came from the Health Review Fairy. She said the program was very easy to understand for beginners. The program was rated 4.7 stars. 

After gaining 20 lbs, the Daily Achiever tried Yoga Burn. After trying other programs, she was doubtful this would work. However, she lost 14 lbs and gained muscle. But not only that. She was more positive and felt good in her body. 

Reviewers on Trustpilot scored the program overall 4 stars. 

Women following the program achieve great results. However, it is worth mentioning that the program is not for obese people. The weight loss are determined by the form of Yoga poses. However, Yoga can be quite difficult to perform for overweight people. 

Rachel also found the consistency of the program to be a must. Which can be quite tricky for busy people. However, she added that the program was time efficient, needing less than 3 hours/week for 12 weeks.

Many women are familiar with the postpartum weight gain. So was Claudia, which is why she followed the Yoga Burn guide. One of the biggest benefits Claudia mentioned was the limited equipment needed. Nothing at all really, only space and yoga mat.  

Kim mentioned the programs delivered what they promised. Cindy as well loves the program and says she is in better shape than in high school! Petra adds that if you stick to the program, you will see results for sure.

Yoga Burn reviews for weight loss
Yoga Burn reviews for weight loss

Zoe, the founder and Yoga instructor who created the programs is also well loved. According to Debbie, she is “positive and wonderful, as well as a true mentor of her programs and yoga practice.”

A great place to read more testimonials is the Facebook community where women who follow the programs support and encourage each other.

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